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Royalford Toilet Plunger – Powerful Unblocker For General Use – Strong Wooden Handle, High-Quality

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Highly-effective traditional-style plunger for unblocking many types of domestic drain; Toilet Plunger Drain Cleaner Suction Plunger Spout Cleaner – All-in-One powerful unblocker for General Use!

This Royalford drain unblocker is a must-have item for every bathroom; it helps to keep the bathroom clean, functional and germ-free plus it is versatile and can be used for quickly and properly unblocking the bathtub drain, shower drain, sink or the toilet. This shower drain unblocker can also be used on other drains in the house including the kitchen sink; it is a versatile and essential item. Made of a durable, strong Wood; makes it hygienic and easy to keep clean

You can use this toilet unblocker a large number of times. It has a straightforward design, so the likelihood that it will break is very less. It can handle intensive usage every day, and you do not have to be afraid to break it. Due to its shape, it will not damage your pipes either, if you apply a force to clean it. Compared to simple plungers and other toilet accessories, which are cup-shaped, this one is more powerful. With the help of airflow, it allows you to suck the blockage out of the pipe and push it up. With such a sink plunger you can clean the toilet much faster and spend less effort. This plumbing tool has a tapered rubber nozzle, which has a high degree of elasticity. It will fit snugly to the pipe and effectively get rid of the blockage. After using such pipe cleaners, you do not have to spend much time cleaning it.

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Features :
Universal Use - This Plunger Is Able To Cope With Blockages In The Toilets, Sink Or Bath. The Drain Unblocker Will Replace Any Chemicals With Which You Could Clean Your Plumbing And Thereby Spoil It. It Is The Most Effective Tool To Combat Blockages. The Rubber Head Creates An Air-Tight Seal Around Plugs Holes of Basins, Baths, Showers Sinks And Even Toilets, So One Tool For All Your Cleaning Needs. With Such A Sink Plunger You Can Clean The Toilet Much Faster & Spend Less Effort.
Easy To Clean - The One Shot Drain Cleaner Is Applied With A Suction Cup To A Wide Inlet So That Its Edges Rest Tightly On A Hard Surface. Smooth Translational Movements Move The Device Handle Up & Down For 20-25 Seconds So That The Rubber Cup Transfers Pressure To The Liquid. After Completing The Pumping, With A Sharp Movement Upward Pull The Handle. This Process Will Take No More Than A Minute. Simply Rinse The Plunger Under Clean Water And Put It In Place.
Does Not Damage The Plumbing - During Operation, The Toilet Cleaner Creates A Hydraulic Shock That Helps To Push The Waste, Accumulated In The Pipe Further Into The Sewer. When You Work With This Plunger, You Are Guaranteed Not To Damage The Inner Surface of The Pipe. You Can Use The Toilet Unblocker A Large Number of Times. It Has A Straightforward Design, So The Likelihood That It Will Break Is Very Less. It Can Handle Intensive Usage Every Day, & You Do Not Have To Be Afraid To Break It.
Convenient Wooden Handle - The Handle of The Plunger Is Made From Durable Wood. It Allows A Comfortable Anti-Slip Grip. When You Work With This Plunger, It Will Not Slip Out of Your Hands. You Will Also Be Comfortable Working With Him In Rubber Gloves. Compared To Simple Plungers & Other Toilet Accessories, Which Are Cup-Shaped, This One Is More Powerful. With The Help of Airflow, It Allows You To Suck The Blockage Out of The Pipe And Push It Up.
Rubber Nozzle - The Rubber Nozzle Fits Nicely And Works Effectively To Remove The Waste Plug. The Choice of One Or Another Shape of The Nozzle Will Influence The Force With Which This Plunger Will Act On The Blockage. Depending On This, It Will Be Possible To Obtain One Or Another Degree of Compression Efficiency. This Plumbing Tool Has A Tapered Rubber Nozzle, Which Has A High Degree of Elasticity. It Will Fit Snugly To The Pipe And Effectively Get Rid of The Blockage.
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