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Royalford Muffin Pan, 41.3X26.5X3 Cm

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Perfectly Baked Goods

This unique design of this oven safe baking tray allows for perfectly baked treats with every use. Each of the twelve cups included in this baking tin have very small holes placed into the bottom. These holes are vital to creating some of the best baked goods you will ever taste. The presence of these holes allows for extra moisture to escape and not create soggy bottoms on the food. These holes also allow for hot air to better circulate and cook the goods.

Extra Crispy

Crispy is better when it comes to perfectly made muffins and other baked treats. This baking tray accomplishes that with a unique design that not only allows for better baking within the oven, but also out. Once the baking tin has been removed from the heat source, the crisping process continues due to the special design of the pan. Get amazingly crispy and delicious baked goods with this commercial-grade baking pan.


Dual coated in a professional-grade non-stick material, this baking tin promises easy handling in the kitchen. With the non-stick quality, you can rest assured knowing that your baked goods won’t stick to the pan and make your beautiful creations look flawed. Bake wonderfully crispy treats every time with the easy non-stick coating. The high-grade non-stick coating also gives users the advantage for easy washing, as food does not stick to the edges and cause a headache while trying to clean it up manually.

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Features :
NO SOGGY BOTTOMS - This muffin tin includes small holes to allow moisture to escape and to circulate hot air to ensure deliciously baked goods and non-soggy bottoms.
EXTRA CRISPING - Special design allows for the crisping process to continue even after being retrieved from the oven to assure delightfully crispy treats.
NON STICK - Double coated with some of the finest non-stick material to ensure easy handling and cleaning.
TRAY DIMENSIONS - This baking tray is approximately 32 x 24 cm in size.
CUP DIMENSIONS - The dimensions of each of the 12 cups is approximately 6 x 2 cm.
Specifications :
40.5 CM x 26.5 CM x 3 CM
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