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Royalford Loaf Pan, 29.5X15X6.5 Cm

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Beautiful, Seamless Loaves

Get breathtakingly, perfect loaves every bake with this deep bread loaf tin. This tin is crafted to produce seamless and smooth bread loaves for your baking pleasure. No more roughly baked loaves with visually displeasing creases and indents, because this pan is smoothly crafted with no pinches or seams.

 Integrous Design

This baking tin is made with reinforced carbon steel, rigorously tested by electroplating and sandblasting to ensure outstanding quality. The overall depth of this bread tin is large enough to hold approximately one pound worth of contents, and is 1 mm thick to ensure strong structure. The structural integrity of this baking tin is guaranteed to last time and time again to keep bringing you the best bread loaves you could possibly make.


Dual coated in a professional-grade non-stick material, this bread loaf tin promises easy handling in the kitchen. With the non-stick quality, you can rest assured knowing that your delicious loaves of bread won’t stick to the pan or crease because of the seamless design. Create amazing, seamless loaves of bread every time with the easy non-stick coating. The non-stick coating also gives users the advantage for easy washing, as food does not stick to the edges and cause a headache while trying to clean it up manually.

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Features :
PERFECT LOAVES EVERY TIME - This smooth, seamless loaf pan guarantees perfectly shaped loaves every time, without hassle.
STURDY DESIGN - Crafted with carbon steel, this loaf tin is 1 mm thick and built to hold shape through usage and temperature change.
REINFORCED MATERIAL - This 1 mm thick tin has been put to the test with exposure to electroplating and sandblasting to resist warping, corrosion and flaking.
NON STICK - Double coated with some of the finest non-stick material to ensure easy handling and cleaning.
CAN HOLD UP TO 1 LB - This heavy-duty loaf tin is ideal for making larger amounts of bread with the ability to contain approximately one pound worth of substance.
Specifications :
30.0 CM x 16.5 CM x 17.0 CM
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